Fitness for Health

Many trainers have an area of expertise. Some focus on injury rehabilitation, some fitness competitors, marathon runners and the current favourite is Body Transformation Coach. My personal focus, and my reason for getting into the industry, is fitness for health. This means I work with a huge range of people and ages from 18 to 70. While I do see clients for one off sessions, for the benefit of this article I will be referencing my regular clients. These are the people I see mainly weekly, or occasionally bi-weekly. These clients range from the over active (they do specialist training elsewhere, runners, lifters etc.) to the hugely underactive (no other exercise and very static lifestyles, such as office workers). The one thing they have in common is wanting better health.

You reach a point in fitness and exercise, where it by passes healthy. This level of exercise, is more about pushing the body to its limits. This may mean cycling the fastest, lifting the heaviest, or looking a certain way. I am not in any way saying this is bad, it’s a personal choice. I personally choice to push my body past the healthy point exercise wise, but I combat this with very careful nutrition and lifestyle choice. Without this balance my training could and most likely would damage my health. If your work life is very stressful, you must balance this by having a very relaxing home life. Maybe your home life mean dinner times are a manic child freed frenzy, then you need to make sure you get a balanced and calm lunch. I’m realistic that we all have different different priorities and demands in life, but you need to asses the the situation, change what you can and balance the rest.

For the under active, I recommend starting with a stretch session, and moving onto exercise sessions in the second or third week. Stretch sessions are a perfect way to wake up your body to the idea of exercise. Finding muscles and even joints you never knew you had. They will start to improve flexibility and mobility, which is important to get a grip on before you start pushing your body too much. You want to gain an understanding of your body. How does it feel? What areas are causing you problems? Many general aches and pains that people just put up with could be eased with regular stretching. You then move on to exercise sessions. These get the heart pumping and muscles burning (in a good way). With a mixture of cardio and resistance exercises to suit your ability and goals.

For the over active, I recommend stretch sessions. Unless your over active in yoga or Pilates, chances are you are not stretching enough. Flexibility and mobility, are very important parts of fitness and health. They also aid good form and posture, something which should be used at all times in life and exercise, to reduce the risk of injury. Regular stretch also aids recovery from exercise, allowing you to push further, hard and faster next time you train.

For those in the middle, I recommend exercise sessions. Those in the middle tend to do some form of exercise or at least used to. Those in the middle, really need to find something fun to keep them engaged. On the whole fitness needs to be fun, otherwise why do it. You have to have a special kind of programing in your head to be able to stay consistent with fitness you don’t find fun. This kind of programming is usual found within competitors or those with an extremely high drive to look a similar way.


I am a big believer in the importance of health. We all need to take better care of ourselves. Start today by booking your first session with Fit Bunny, for a healthier and happier you.


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