Food, Glorious Food


I love food, and can easily talk on food for hours on end. But the more I learn about food, the scarier I find what some people will eat. From time to time, we all need a quick fix of energy, but so many people will grab for what’s considered the obvious and what it actually does is ends them up in a bigger slump. Things like crisps, chocolate bars or a can of “dum dum dum” coke! Way too many people spend their days with really no idea, how bad the food they eat really is. The idea of check labels might seem crazy, but we need to stop trusting the multi coloured packaging and having faith in government regulations to protect our bodies. The are suckering us in.  It’s time to really know what you are using to fuel your body.

Food, like exercise isn’t just about fat and thin. Food is the fuel that supports everything in your body; energy, growth, repair, fighting the bad guys, etc. If you just eat to feel full, you will never feel satisfied, because your body will never be getting everything it wants and needs.

Making changes to the way we eat can be scary, so here at Fit Bunny HQ, we have come up with the Fit Bunny Four Week Four Challenge. Deigned to change the way you look at food, it gives your body a balanced set of nutrition, in a simple and easily manageable way. Fresh and real food. No chemicals or processed junk. If you’re ready for an amazing difference in your approach to food, this is the perfect place to start. Simple and easy to follow, it will set you on the right track for change. Even better is its available world wide, sent via email. Just visit the website’s bookings page, to order yours now.

Take back control of what you put in your body and remember:

70% Food and 30% Exercise,

You can’t out exercise a bad diet,

Food isn’t just how you look, its how you feel,

And abs are made in the kitchen,


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