Naked Doesn’t Mean Nice

Obviously after the fact that naked fitness is amazing, the other thing that really surprises people is how far I can push them. While sessions are still fun and based around an individual’s ability, new clients are always shocked at how much more they achieve with me than in a gym environment.

I understand it’s a lot harder to argue with a naked trainer, but this surely can’t be the only reason?

Here’s some points to ponder, on why you will get a better workout with me:

  1. Fear of failure. No one else is watching, but me, in a one to one session. You don’t have to worry about the fear of failure in front other people. My private studio creates a lovely safe please. You can push yourself, but it doesn’t matter if you fail and you know what 9 times out of 10 people don’t fail at all.
  1. You cannot hide your motivation. Yes, my studio has mirrors, a lot of mirrors, and no I won’t cover them on request. Mirrors are important to check that your form is correct, but it is also very important to see and know yourself. Anyone who has read the amazing Run, Fat B!tch Run, by Ruth Fields, will know this as channeling your inner B!tch. Face your motivation head on. This doesn’t mean fat shaming yourself! You might use it as motivation to increase range of movement or improve stamina and be less sweaty.
  1. I’m very creative. I use a range of equipment, most of which you could easily have at home, but I’m creative with it. I hit the body (metaphorically speaking) from all sides and angles. Most people wouldn’t train themselves in a gym, how I train them in my studio, so it pushes the body in a new way.

I’d like to think of myself as a nice person, but I’m certainly not a nice trainer. I’ll push you, within your abilities, to reach your goals. So don’t be confused by the naked. It doesn’t mean it going to be softly, softly. Naked doesn’t simply mean nice.


Do you love your naked body?

It’s kind of a little crazy how much time we spend dressing ourselves up. Women in particular, waste a huge amount of time. I guess we just have too many options. Just shapes and styles of tops alone can leave the mind boggling, before you have to deal with earrings and a matching clutch. But I often wonder isn’t all this so call finery detracting from what we should be focusing on? Loving our naked body?

In so many areas of life, we are taught, if there is a problem take it back to the core issue. So if you find yourself never happy with how you look, why are you not stripping bare and learning to love your naked self. I’m telling you now some clothes actually make you look worse. I am a lot happier with my shape out of clothes then in them. The idea of a bikini is still a little worrying. But on the days when I sadly must blend with society and where clothing, I don’t have to worry too much because I know I am happy with my naked self. Physically and mentally. Don’t get me wrong, of course there are things that in an ideal world I would have slightly differently. But we need to get over ourselves and stop thinking that happiness, comes hand in hand with perfection. For one perfect humans done exist. So if happiness only came with perfection, we would all be miserable.

Learning to love your naked self, doesn’t have to mean you happy with how you look. It’s a love and appreciation for all your body does for you. All the times it holds you up, when you knock it down. For keeping going, when all you do is heap stress on it and don’t feed it the right foods. Once you learn t love your naked self you will find it much easy to take better care of it, because in the end we look after those we truly love.

So spend some time with your naked self and start learning to love your naked body.

I Forgot My Gym Kit!


There are so many barriers in front of you when you start including health and fitness in your life. Lack of time is one of the key ones and I am sure I will be blogging on that very soon, but once you have found the time, be its before or after work, or maybe on your lunch break, the age old problem we had at school raises it’s ugly head…

“I forgot my gym kit!”

Life is busy and if you’re not particularly excited about your trip to see your trainer, (clearly you’re not seeing me, if this is the case), then its understandable you would forget it more often then you would like. It is like your subconscious is trying to get you out of it. This might even be one of the barriers to you starting it in the first place. The idea of lugging in gym kit to work, can be enough to put anyone off. Especially when it is hard enough to fit yourself into the tube or bus.

Well no such issue with naked fitness. Just rock up as you are, strip bare and you are ready to go. No kit needed, no gym bag to lug about, no sweaty clothes to carry home. You don’t even need a towel or water bottle.

I often have clients who travel to London for work. There commutes can involve planes and thousands of miles. My furthest to date has been the USA. On a busy trip the last thing you want is to be adding gym kit to the packing list.

So save yourself some bother and start doing your fitness naked!

Strip Fitness Bare

A few years ago we were all up in arms against the fashion industry and the practically unachievable image of beauty it was painting. Increasingly lean young girls, with zero curves, were covering our runways. The fashion industry was being held responsible for an increase in eating disorders and lack of body confidence. But the fashion industry is about just that, fashion. It’s not even about practical, functional or even comfortable. So why then are we allow the health and fitness industry get away with so much more?

With help from my friends at…

Health – Noun – The general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor: good health; poor health. Soundness of body or mind; freedom from disease or ailment: to have one’s health; to lose one’s health.

Fitness – Noun – The state or condition of being physically sound and healthy, especially as the result of exercise and proper nutrition. State of general mental and physical well-being.

So basically the health and fitness industry should know better, when it come to health and fitness, yet we seem much happy slating the justly ignorant fashion industry. Odd isn’t it! While my clients and I literally strip bare for exercise, I also believe in stripping the whole heath and fitness industry. Its become increasingly confusing, leaving any normal (non-fitness background) person, more than a little confused. For me this is partly to blame for the lack of active people in the modern world.

Thanks to the health and fitness industry, health and fitness now seems unattainable to most people. Confusing, hardcore, extreme and just never going to happen. It’s really simple why this has happened. It’s to make money. And that’s fair enough, as no industry survives without money. You need to keep people spending, for an industry to grow. Don’t get me wrong there has been some amazing things born of this growth. Funky coloured trainers, innovative equipment and exciting new classes to name a few. But it does make getting in shape seem a lot more complicated than it needs to.

I am here to tell you, do not be afraid! It is a lot simpler than many would have you believe. As I have stated in a previous blog I like fitness for health. In the book I’m currently working on I will go into a lot more specific detail on stripping fitness bare, but for now… its simply about getting moving, cutting the junk out, increasing the good stuff and my favourite ingredient, be happy.