I Forgot My Gym Kit!


There are so many barriers in front of you when you start including health and fitness in your life. Lack of time is one of the key ones and I am sure I will be blogging on that very soon, but once you have found the time, be its before or after work, or maybe on your lunch break, the age old problem we had at school raises it’s ugly head…

“I forgot my gym kit!”

Life is busy and if you’re not particularly excited about your trip to see your trainer, (clearly you’re not seeing me, if this is the case), then its understandable you would forget it more often then you would like. It is like your subconscious is trying to get you out of it. This might even be one of the barriers to you starting it in the first place. The idea of lugging in gym kit to work, can be enough to put anyone off. Especially when it is hard enough to fit yourself into the tube or bus.

Well no such issue with naked fitness. Just rock up as you are, strip bare and you are ready to go. No kit needed, no gym bag to lug about, no sweaty clothes to carry home. You don’t even need a towel or water bottle.

I often have clients who travel to London for work. There commutes can involve planes and thousands of miles. My furthest to date has been the USA. On a busy trip the last thing you want is to be adding gym kit to the packing list.

So save yourself some bother and start doing your fitness naked!


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