Do you love your naked body?

It’s kind of a little crazy how much time we spend dressing ourselves up. Women in particular, waste a huge amount of time. I guess we just have too many options. Just shapes and styles of tops alone can leave the mind boggling, before you have to deal with earrings and a matching clutch. But I often wonder isn’t all this so call finery detracting from what we should be focusing on? Loving our naked body?

In so many areas of life, we are taught, if there is a problem take it back to the core issue. So if you find yourself never happy with how you look, why are you not stripping bare and learning to love your naked self. I’m telling you now some clothes actually make you look worse. I am a lot happier with my shape out of clothes then in them. The idea of a bikini is still a little worrying. But on the days when I sadly must blend with society and where clothing, I don’t have to worry too much because I know I am happy with my naked self. Physically and mentally. Don’t get me wrong, of course there are things that in an ideal world I would have slightly differently. But we need to get over ourselves and stop thinking that happiness, comes hand in hand with perfection. For one perfect humans done exist. So if happiness only came with perfection, we would all be miserable.

Learning to love your naked self, doesn’t have to mean you happy with how you look. It’s a love and appreciation for all your body does for you. All the times it holds you up, when you knock it down. For keeping going, when all you do is heap stress on it and don’t feed it the right foods. Once you learn t love your naked self you will find it much easy to take better care of it, because in the end we look after those we truly love.

So spend some time with your naked self and start learning to love your naked body.


3 thoughts on “Do you love your naked body?

  1. I can definitely relate to this. Even us men have can have issues with how we “fit” in clothes, and letting them fall away back to our bare selves is very liberating.


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