Cool & Clothes Free

So I have been a little slack on the blogging and social media front, but can you blame me? It’s summer. Clothes off, run free, enjoy the heat, SUMMER.

There is no better excuse than beautiful weather to embrace clothes free life. My favourite bonus being no tan lines, but it’s so much cooler without layers of fabric wrapping me up. I feel the cold really badly, so it really only this time of year in the UK that I can actually get outside and let my skin really breath.

While I love going clothes free in this weather, its very important to remember to not go factor free. There is nothing cool about sun burn and nothing cool or funny about skin cancer. At Fit Bunny we love our bodies, so make sure you give that lovely body lost of protection with factor 20 or above.

We still have a couple of sessions left in August and two remaining spaces at Lunch Club on 31st August at 1.30pm. So don’t be shy, just get in touch.