It’s not about perfect.

I find it constant source of both amusement and sorrow, when people say they are not in good enough shape to workout, or they are not fit enough for the gym. It’s like saying you’re to hungry to eat or too hot to put on the air conditioning. The simple situation of being “not in good shape” or “not fit enough”, are easily fixed, by getting off your butt, getting out of our own way and doing something about it. You dedicated a lot of time getting yourself into your current shape, you need to put some effort into getting yourself out of it.

For me a large part of the problem, is unrealistic expectations. This image that you are either as you are or perfect, and if you don’t reach perfect you have failed. Health and fitness is NOT and I repeat NOT about being perfect. We need to stop comparing ourselves to tightly toned, gym geeks, on Instagram. These people have dedicated their lives to looking a certain way, you have a job, kids, hobbies, a dog, a social life and you don’t want to give up everything you enjoy. They have chosen how they look over these things and that is there choice. But just because you don’t look the same doesn’t mean you have failed.

Just like its crazy to think that you are failure if you are not perfect. It is also crazy to wait for the perfect moment to start getting fitter. The perfect moment doesn’t exist. Getting started is tough, but once you take the leap its done. I get so many people contact me, asking all the right questions, saying they are ready to get started and then, oh, wait, work got a little busy, the husband bought a dog, the daughter started dance classes. You will be no use to anyone without your health and certainly no use to anyone in the ground. So start looking after yourself now. Stop waiting for perfect.



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