Just a quick note to say sorry I’m not currently blogging. I’m currently taking some time out from Fit Bunny, while I’m off having my own little bunny.

Sadly I won’t be returning to teach one-to-one sessions, but I will be back to my group classes in October (dates to be confirmed). I can’t yet say when/if I will come back to this blog. I find it really hard to write about something I’m not submerged in, so the earliest will be October, but I may find the words don’t flow without my one-to-ones.

I’ll update you all when I know more.


Jools x



One thought on “Sorry

  1. Dear Jools. To start with, many congratulations on the birth of your baby! Great news. How are you all getting along? I have no idea how old she/he is but however old there are constant fun, exciting and challenging things to deal with constantly. A seismic shift in your lives. Sadly I never got a chance to work with you and experience your knowledge and experience first hand. Maybe that’s for the future? ? Meantime all the very best to you all. John Hackett – Dad to three daughters who are out there in the world making a difference.


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