Ladies Only – Clothing Optional

I’m very passionate about introducing more ladies into clothes free fitness. I really want to help promote body confidence and a positive body imagine among ladies. For the full benefit, full nudity is encouraged, just not essential. Dare to bare as much or as little as you like.

Classes are mainly stretch based with some gentle exercises to strengthen and tone. Classes are up to 5 people and cost just £30, for an hour. Held on the last Wednesday of the month at 7pm.

To book please email, to check availability and then pay on the websites bookings page to confirm.

Learn to love your body and give it some love in return.


Fit Bunny has found a new hutch!

Due to increasing demand for all things naked fitness, Fit Bunny has out grown it’s old hutch and moved greener and bigger pastures. 
The new HQ is just a two minute walk from Waterloo station and I am so please with it that anyone who purchase anything on our website in the next 7 days will be entered into a special prize drawer to win a free one hour session of your choice. 

The offer will run from 7pm, Friday 10th June 2016, until 7pm Friday 17th June 2016. Just make your purchase and you will automatically be entered. 

Keep up to date with the latest from Fit Bunny on our website or find us on social media @fitjools.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Fit Bunny Lunch Club

I am extremely happy to announce the first Fit Bunny Lunch Club, will be held on the 29th June 2016. I plan to hold them monthly on the last Wednesday of every month. The session starts at 1pm with a 30 minute stretch, followed by food on our mats. The session will end at 2pm, but I do understand if you need to dash before, due to lunch hours. Lunch Club will be a great time to meet new people and make lunch time something new and special. Places are limited to 5 people plus me. Mixed gender and ability. All food and drink will be provided, all for just £35 a head. To book you need to pop me an email to check availability, and then prepay online to confirm your place.

Got a group of friends you want to come with? If you have at least 4 people, you can book a private lunch club of your own on a day and time to suit. Just pop me an email for more information.

I can’t wait to meet you all and share a bite.

I’ve Come To Change The World
I’ve been called crazy once or twice in my life, and having an ambition to change the world certainly seems pretty nuts. But when you break it down into helping one person at a time, it seems a little more doable. That’s what I’m trying to do. Changing the world through naked fitness. We are in the middle of a health and body image crisis, so what could be better the stripping bare and dealing with both head on. 

I love my body. It does amazing things. It allows me to get up each day, brush my teeth, take long walks in the park, go dancing with friends, visit my family. Everything we do each day is in part thanks to our bodies, but somehow we place the importance of looking after our amazing bodies low on our priority list. I believe if we can change this, we can change the world. When are bodies feel better, our minds feel better and when mind and body feel better we are better people. Better people make a better world. Being happy and healthy should be our normal state of being.

What starts with a simple naked fitness session, could really change your life.

So be the best you can be, come strip naked with me!