Why Naked?

When we originally started training people in clothed sessions, we found there was usually a wall between trainer and client. When the idea of making sessions nudist came up, we leapt at the idea and as the clothes came off we found that the walls came down and the awkwardness fell away. Even those new to nudism relaxed into sessions much faster then previous clients. When client and trainer are stripped bare, it seems to make it easier for both to be open and honest. This in turn helps me improve my clients health and wellbeing faster.

Why Naked?

Freeing, inspiring, motivating, fun, different, entertaining, unique, easier to monitor movements and form, plus saves on laundry.
The body isn’t designed to be wrapped in fabric.

Exercising naked is the ultimate in breathable fitness attire.

Did you know the Ancient Romans and Greeks workout naked?

Spending more time naked encourages you to pay better attention to your health, fitness and diet. It makes you much more aware of your body, which it turn makes you strive to keep your body looking and more importantly feeling better.

“The human skin needs air to breathe and by covering up in tight, restricted clothing, you’re actually weakening your skin by way of reabsorbing the tIMG_9441oxins that are released from your body through sweat. So being naked allows your body to release those toxins that would otherwise be shielded by our tight skinny jeans.”

Other benefits include;

Helps body temperature
Nudist often more accepting
Helps stimulate brain activity
Makes you more confident – social and work benefits

Clients come to me for a range of reasons:

They are actual nudists. Sadly option for nudist are limited, so any activity that can be done nude is a bonus. These
don’t tend to be regular clients, unless they are also interested in being fitter and healthier. Some nudist are still not comfortable or have other limits which rule out group events, and as I offer one to one sessions, along with a privacy promise, I provide a safe option. I have regular (weekly) clients who just started out as openly seeking a one off session.

They want to be fitter and healthier. Regular exercise is hard to maintain unless it is fun. My sessions are great fun and a new adventure. I’m currently the only female nudist fitness instructor I can find in the UK, (yoga excluded). I have a laugh and a joke with clients and put them at ease. Making sessions fun means its not hard for them to stay inspired to keep up regular exercise.

They need inspiration. I have clients that use their weekly session as inspiration. A bit like permanent bikini season. Knowing they will be baring all each week helps them to stay on the straight and narrow, food an fitness wise, during the rest of the week.

They want more confidence. Some of my clients remove clothing during the session, as they relax more. Many have used my sessions to help gain confidence at work and in their personal life. You know what they say about imagining your audience nude! I would love to run corporate sessions as team building, but I don’t think the world is ready for it, mores the pity.

They are intrigued. I have had clients say they were just intrigued. What I do was something they had never even thought about let alone seen. It’s in credibly free and I hope some of these people lose the clothes at home a bit more now too.

They find stretching dull. Oddly my fitter clients tend to book stretch sessions. These are clients who are pretty active already, but find their muscles take a fair beating and stretching out head to toe is dull.

“Poor body image is improved when you realise that almost no-one has a “perfect” body.” BN Magazine Winter 2015